Russell Brand Messiah Complex

For in dreams, we enter a world that is entirely our own. Let him swim in the deepest ocean or glide over the highest cloud.

why are girls in movies, tv shows and comics beautiful AND badass? like, that’s not fucking fair you only get one thing

with the wild wolves around you, in the morning, I’ll call you

dylan o’brien, tyler posey and dylan sprayberry at sdcc 2014 

I love details and our set designers are incredible with details. I think props is one of the most fun departments on set. So I’m going to have to just say the details of everything. If you look at every book, if you look at every journal, they’ve filled it out. It’s unreal, the amount of time they’ve put in.

becosss :  Had a nice lil visitor today. Bloody poser 💪 @harrystyles

today im not gonna be online much bc it’s my cousin’s birthday party and then later im going to my dads house for his birthday and my half brothers birthday too

“As fun as Roman and Peter having sex with one another for the sake of a girl is, Skarsgard and Liboiron think that the threesome was much more about getting the two guys together than it was their interest in Miranda. Skarsgard says the “love was just between Roman and Peter,” and quips that Miranda was “the third wheel.”

zap2it interview (via fckyeahromangodfrey)

girls get sad for not looking like a 25 year old actress when they’re only 16 and their bodies still need to develop